A modern interpretation of the rose, fully bloomed and majestically beautiful. Rose petals hemmed with precious stones, both sensual and strong, looking structured yet flexible. It is not an ephemeral beauty. The Rose of Hope never fades; it carries with it the hopes of founding in an aftermath, new peace and generosity.


An iconic collection of the brand, an original and unique concept of a secret jewel. For those who like sophisticated surprises, a cocktail ring that at its heart, hides a solitaire. Embrace rings adapt to your desires : simply worn with just the solitaire or matched with a rose or a ribbon motif. Choose the precious stones that adorn the ring to personalise it… Every woman is unique and plural at once. Embrace reveals this complexity, delicate and profound.

High Jewelry

 Audacious models inspired by a rich and poetic universe, magnifying exceptional stones.

Jewelry Watches

 As time goes by, the Precious Hours "Charm" and "Radiate".