HRH JOAILLERIE becomes a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

We share the vision of this international standard and wish to see these common values extended widely across the jewellery industry.

This process also aims to sustain healthy and balanced, long-standing relationships with our stakeholders, based on trust.


  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its related covenants
  • The Conventions of the International Labour Organisation
  • The ten principles of United Nations Global Compact
  • The application of international agreements regarding the supply of materials, metals, diamonds and precious stones


Conduct our business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and to go beyond that if we deem it necessary in the jurisdictions of the world where we could operate.

Refuse to use, directly or indirectly, child labour*, illegal work, forced or unfairly paid labour.

Remain committed to the working conditions of our employees and ensure our partners adopt the same rules for their personnel.

Guarantee women and men the same conditions for accessing employment, training and promotion.

Refrain from making any value judgement based on ethnic origin, rank, union membership, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, appearance or age.

Be vigilant about our environmental impacts by aiming to control and reduce them.

Establish a culture of continuous improvement, particularly in terms of health and safety but also our organisation.

Ensure the traceability of the materials used in our creations, the legitimacy of their provenance, the conformity of the labelling and the clarity of the information given to our customers.

Be loyal and adopt a healthy behaviour with our partners and colleagues.

Reject corruption in all its forms and support those who, in their duty to report any inappropriate actions, may fear potential retaliation.

We will make sure that they do not suffer any prejudice and will conduct the necessary investigations before considering suitable penalties against those at fault by informing the competent authorities where appropriate.

We will fully support the measures implemented by Monaco’s official bodies to combat financing of terrorism and money laundering by reporting all suspicious transactions.

To amaze our customers, to surprise through our uniqueness and our constant and ever more beautiful innovations

RJC Certification strengthens what we demand of ourselves and those who wish to work with us.

Consequently, we are asking our suppliers and subcontractors who have not already done so to implement rules similar to ours to help raise the entire profession to a high level of responsibility.

To amaze our customers, to surprise through our uniqueness and our constant and ever more beautiful innovations, without ever forgetting the world that surrounds us. There is no other way for us to behave.


RJC members agree to promote ethics, human rights and social and environmental practices in a transparent and responsible way across the entire sector, from the mine to retail stores.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Translated into over 500 languages, it promotes the universal exercise of fundamental human rights.

The 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

Human rights - Ensure the non-violation of human rights in its value chain - Freedom of association and collective bargaining at work - The abolition of forced or compulsory labour - The effective abolition of child labour - Combat discrimination in terms of employment - The precautionary approach for environmental issues - Initiatives for environmental responsibility - The distribution of environmentally-friendly technologies - Fight against corruption.


The International Labour Organisation (Geneva) is the United Nations institution which is tasked with improving the access of men and women to decent and productive work under conditions of freedom, equality, security and dignity.

* Outside the legal framework of the work of children aged under 16 during apprenticeship periods


  • The precious metal content and the quality of the precious object are subject to strict, state-controlled rules. The guarantee hallmark for gold products certifies compliance with the legal titles./li>
  • For gemstones, compliance with Decree 2002-65 and the recommendations relating to the information which should be sent to all levels of the profession: their name and any processing.
  • The Kimberly Process, which ensures traceability and complicates the sale of rough diamonds from illegal sources that feed organisations which are not recognised internationally and which finance rebel movements during conflicts and civil wars, terrorising and massacring civil populations such as in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola or Sierra Leone (not exhaustive).
  • The Voluntary System of Warranties which strengthens this scheme beyond rough diamonds to combat the trade in conflict diamonds and which from cutting to sale, requires that a guarantee of origin with the mention “conflict free” appears on all invoices that accompany these diamonds.