A Woman's inspiration, between memory and modernity

HRH 3 letters

HRH – three letters that subtly call to mind the initials of founder and artistic director Hind Rafik Hariri. Hind’s collections are inspired by contemporary women who live in the now and reinvent traditions with an innovative spirit.

Her uninhibited jewelry designs reflect a woman’s desire to mix-and-match a multitude of style combinations. Confident and bold, HRH's feminine essence translates into fine jewelry that pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship, while suggesting a certain sense of freedom to the wearer. The collections are thought of as chapters of a real life story—and are unique, just like the woman who will choose to narrate them. The jewelry follows the pace of the woman who wears it, and fits and feels like a second skin, almost making her forget she has it on. Timeless yet contemporary, every piece renders the present moment sublime.

"Jewels are intimately connected to our emotions. So close to our skin, they are a natural part of the woman who wears them, to the point that she almost forgets she has them on – and yet, they never forget to beautify her."

Hind Hariri El Karout